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2023 WTP McHenry County Voter's Guide

Updated: Mar 17

SCROLL DOWN for Sample Ballots.


We the People… say in a democracy decisions are made by a majority of the people. Unfortunately, this is not true. Decisions are made by a majority of the people who make their voices heard and who vote, a distinguishable difference.

Why Vote – Last Consolidated Election less than 10% of McHenry County Voters Participated

Your Vote CAN and DOES make a difference.

*In 2021, in McHenry County less than 10% of the registered voters helped get you on the School Boards giving you authority to make decisions as to what children learn and where resources are spent.

Vote to help your children and grandchildren.

Vote for responsible management of your property tax dollars.

Where to Vote

McHenry County Voter Services: Click here for Polling Places and Times and Sample Ballot

Kane County Voter Services: Click here for Kane County Elections Voter Information



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