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Action needed - 

Call and Complete Witness Slips

The last two weeks the IL House and Senate is in session. Anything is possible. 


The last two weeks the IL House and Senate is in session. Anything is possible.   Thursday, May 11, is the Senate deadline to debate and pass all House bills.  Friday, May 12, is the House deadline to debate and pass all Senate bills. The last week of May is supposed to be for the budget.  

Let’s be vigilant, informed and take action. 


HB 1286 (Equitable Restrooms).  This bill allows large venues (stadiums, arenas, convention centers, amusement facilities, etc.) to convert “multiple occupancy restrooms” into “all-gender restrooms”.  Senate Executive Committee on Wed, May 10 at 3:00 p.m. in 212 Capitol Bldg. 

Recommended Action: WITNESS SLIPS online to HB 1286.   To file a witness slip, click here. 


  1. Fill out your name, address, email and phone number. Leave everything else blank or put “self”.  

  2. Highlight “Opponent” and “Record of Appearance Only.”   

  3. Check Terms of Agreement and click Create Slip.   


SB 1909 (Bill to shut down pregnancy centers).  This bill would allow the Attorney General to investigate pregnancy centers on a whim and allows the AG to fine PRC’s who “appear” to give or omit incorrect information, among other things.  

Recommended Action: CALL House lawmakers to oppose SB1909.  


SB 1344 (Abortion-hormone coverage in insurance policies).  This bill would mandate abortifacient and hormonal therapy coverage in all Illinois insurance policies. Recommended Action: CALL House lawmakers to oppose SB1344.  


HB 2039 (Access to Public Health Data).  This bill would hand over public health data to county health depts. Dept. of Public Health testified it’s already being done; Recommend oppose.

Recommended Action: CALL Senate lawmakers to oppose HB 2039. 


Sen. Andrew Chesney (R-Freeport) on the Senate Floor in Springfield, IL on Thursday, May 4, 2023 addressing HB 2350, a bill that mandates insurance companies cover pap smears for men who claim to be women and prostate exams for biological women who claim to be men:  Noting the Democrat sponsor’s argument that transgender kids have “feelings,” Sen. Chesney said:  


“It’s precisely about feelings. Folks, if you want to know why kids are confused and why people do crazy stuff, this is exactly why. Biological males cannot get pap smears. It’s not possible! It’s physically and anatomically impossible. It’s not even…it’s not even following science! You know, people don’t understand why we do goofball things – this is why. Right? Biological women cannot go get a prostrate exam. It’s not possible!  


“So we can do all the gender feel-good garbage, but this is why our kids are confused. This is why your kids are dressing up as furries and want kitty-litter in the bathroom. It’s because you guys won’t follow science! There are two genders! There are two genders possible; there’s not three, there’s not four, there’s two! The crazy stuff like this is why people are confused, and the kids don’t know what the hell’s going on because they’re confused because of legislation like this.   “Drop the pronoun crap. There are two genders! Period.” 

Sen. Don DeWitte 847.214.8245,   

Sen. Craig Wilcox 815.455.6330,   

Rep. Suzanne Ness 217.782.1275,   

Rep. Steve Reick (217) 782-1717,  


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