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Mon, Jul 18



3 BIG Topics! America Project!, Josh Pratt, School Board Elections, Marty McLaughlin, ESSER Funds, Sandra Dale

Illinois voter roll cleanup and School Board Elections, and ESSER Funds!

3 BIG Topics! America Project!, Josh Pratt, School Board Elections, Marty McLaughlin, ESSER Funds, Sandra Dale
3 BIG Topics! America Project!, Josh Pratt, School Board Elections, Marty McLaughlin, ESSER Funds, Sandra Dale

Time & Location

Jul 18, 2022, 6:00 PM – Jul 19, 2022, 9:00 PM

Cary, 800 Feinberg Ct, Cary, IL 60013, USA


About the event

Topic 1: America Project, Josh Pratt

Presentation Outline:

  • Overview of the America Project
  • History of the Virginia Model
  • Plan for Illinois For America First
  • How You Can Get Involved - Action


Josh is an ordained Minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and serves in his local church. He holds a Political Science degree (BA) from Arizona State University and three master’s degrees (MAR, MRE, MDiv.) from Liberty Baptist Theological Seminary in Lynchburg VA.

Josh has been involved in grassroots activism and conservative politics since 1994 in every aspect from volunteer to Congressional campaign management, fundraising and political consulting.  Josh is the former Director of Virginians for America First. He is a key figure in drafting, developing, and implementing "The Virginia Model" that led to the ‘Red Wave’ victory in Virginia in 2021. He is currently serving as the National Training Director for The America Project.

Josh has been sent by The America Project to establish Illinois For America First.


Topic 2: School Board Elections, Marty McLaughlin


Topic 3: ESSER Funds, Sandra Dale and Emily McNabb (of Coal City)

Since early 2021, Sandra is one of the founding members of TN Liberty Network, a Tennessee-based think tank. TN Liberty Network’s 31 members have been instrumental in supplying actionable intel on issues ranging from covid mandates, illegal immigration, election integrity, and government-run education to state law makers and other TN policy leaders.Sandra also frequently meets with community members in other states to help them understand and develop action plans for issues affecting their respective states, schools, and businesses.

Emily McNabb is a mother of two boys ages 15 and 5. She is an American Patriot who loves her family, her faith, and her country. Emily has very strong ties in Grundy County (specifically in Morris), Illinois where her family has been strongly rooted for over a century. Previously, a small business owner, Emily has been in customer service for 26 years. She holds an associate degree in administrative business while enjoying her role in the logistics of shipping and receiving. Emily is a leader and tends to be a voice for the unheard in standing up for constitutional rights. Emily’s research began with the legality of covid-guised mandates, CRT, Illinois’s SB818, and the ESSER money trail. Her fire was lit in 2020 and her roar has been heard ever since when she started regularly attending and speaking at local school board meetings. Being a voice for protecting our children and the fight for medical freedom, Emily immediately started the Morris Freedom Rally where people came in abundance to line sidewalks in objection to federal and state covid-guised mandates. Throughout this time, Emily generously donated her time to candidates’ campaigns, continued ESSER funding research, submitted FOIA’s, and continuously networks with like minded Patriots for actionable solution plans. Emily has been collaborating with TN Liberty Network’s think tank founding members, AJ DePriest and Sandra Dale, to uncover more corruption in the ESSER money trail. Emily is now a co-founder of IL Liberty Network. She and her team of subject matter experts conduct deep dive research - stopping at nothing to deliver facts to educate the public.

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