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*Teach your children in a fun way what they may not be learning in school. We thank PragerU for it's many American Values lessons and videos.

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With Illinois grocery tax ending, Cary and other towns look at higher sales tax

Gov. Pritzker recently signed the 2025 IL State Budget that will remove the statewide 1% sales tax on Jan. 1, 2026.  With this change, IL state is allowing home rule and non-home rule municipalities (such as Cary) to have the authority to issue their own local general sales tax up to 1% without a referendum. 



Union wins bonuses, raises in settlement with Crystal Lake District 47 over use of temp agency

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We educate, advocate and elect pro-constitutional candidates, and participate in the election process.


Visit our site any time for more information or join us on Monday evenings at Galati’s Restaurant in Cary. Come at 6 to eat (1/2 price Pizza Mondays), hear election updates and learn about how you can be part of making a difference.

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