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Fri, Sep 15


West Chicago

Celebrate Constitution Day with Kris Anne Hall

9-15-23 6:30 – 8:30 PM Our 700 year Legacy of Liberty 9-16-23 10:00 AM – 12:00 PM More Than Victims, America’s Black Heritage 9-16-23 1:30 PM – 4:00 PM Our Sovereign Duty RSVP on Facebook at Constitution Day Celebration, Kris Anne Hall,

Celebrate Constitution Day with Kris Anne Hall
Celebrate Constitution Day with Kris Anne Hall

Time & Location

Sep 15, 2023, 6:30 PM – Sep 16, 2023, 4:00 PM

West Chicago, 27W500 North Ave, West Chicago, IL 60185, USA

About the event

September 15-16, 2023 (THIS Friday)

Wheaton Bible Church

27W500 North Avenue

West Chicago, IL 60185



          Kris Anne Hall

‘Liberty over security; Principle over party, and Truth over personality!’

9-15-23 6:30 PM – 8:30 PM Our 700 year Legacy of Liberty 

9-16-23 10:00 AM – 12:00 PM More Than Victims, America’s Black Heritage

9-16-23 1:30 PM – 4:00 PM Our Sovereign Duty 

RSVP on Facebook at Constitution Day Celebration with Kris Anne Hall Or

Kris Anne does not charge a speaking fee. Come prepared to give a generous goodwill  offering to support the mission of Constitution education for all!


Would you believe that the Declaration of Independence, Constitution, and Bill  of Rights did not originate with America’s founders? These documents are as  relevant today as they were hundreds of years ago because they are based on  universal principles. Learn the truth about where our founding documents  originated, and discover the historical context for all the principles contained  within. The history of our Constitution goes back to the year 1100 AD and is a  culmination of five liberty charters. These charters and Natural Law, formed  the basis of English Common Law, from which our founding documents were  derived. They are our inheritance, not an invention of Thomas Jefferson.


William Cooper Nell’s work, ‘The Colored Patriots of the American Revolution,’  used to be a text book as a standard part of the American education system,  but sadly, no more. Once severed from their own history, the black community  is susceptible to being convinced that the essence of America is against them.  More than Victims reveals how a proud history has been stolen from Black  America and reconnects them to a nation they helped make great. Together we  can revive this history for future generations and counter the divisive and  manipulative distortions that have attempted to sever Black Americans’  attachment to their own nation.

The same can be said of the history of the part women and other ethnicities  played in the founding of our nation. No one needs to be a victim in this great  country.


Liberty is a gift of God and rooted in Natural Law. Laws and policies in  America have been driven by special interests and partisanship for way too  long. Our public education system ignores the origin and value of the  principles that created and maintain liberty in America. How can we defend  our rights when we have no understanding of where they come from, nor of  their value? How do we guard our liberty? Why is virtue and knowledge  necessary to our Constitutional Republic? What is the mark of a good  government? What about the next generation? Learn next steps in reclaiming  our inheritance and pass on our legacy of liberty.

These days, it is popular to denigrate America for every little flaw. Why not  take back a bit of American Exceptionalism and embrace what makes us  different from every other nation? We are exceptional because our nation was  built on exceptional principles; principles that are enshrined in our founding  documents; principles of liberty, freedom, morality, and equality as derived  from our Creator. Principles worth fighting for!

Short (1-min) Video Clip of Kris Anne in Chicago. 

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