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Comprehensive Sexual Education (CSE) (IL PA 102-0522) 
Opt-Out Forms, "On August 20, 2021, Governor J.B. Pritzker signed into law a comprehensive sex-ed bill that sexualizes your child and strips them of their innocence beginning in kindergarten."

What is comprehensive Sex-ed? Should it be taught to children?


Read about it HERE.

IL PA 102-0522 (Sex-ed) Opt-Out Forms. It's your RIGHT to opt-out of CSE. It's NOT a requirement for graduation. Share forms with friends and neighbors. FYI, please look at first three forms and select the form(s) that best meets your child's protection needs. The fourth item has other opt-out forms.


Be sure to submit the form(s) regardless if the school district has opted out of adopting PA 102-0522 (Sex-ed).

  1. Take two copies of the opt-out form to the school's principal's office.

  2. Ask that BOTH copies of the forms be STAMPED RECEIVED and initialed by the receiver.

  3. Ask that one copy be placed in the student's school file.

  4. Keep the second stamped and initialed copy for your records.

Note: A new form must be submitted each year for each child.

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Illinois Family Institute Opt-out Form

Opt Your Child Out of Radical Sex Ed Classes. The Illinois Family Institute (IFI) is an independent 501c(3) non-profit ministry dedicated to upholding and re-affirming marriage, family, life and liberty in Illinois since 1992.

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Liberty Counsel Human Sexuality Parental Non-Consent Opt-Out Form 

The purpose of this form is to put the school on notice regarding what is/is not acceptable for your child with regard to the issues described in

the form.

Provided by, Stop CSE (Comprehensive Sex Education) 

Liberty Counsel Human Sexuality Parental Non-Consent Opt-out Form-Modified for Illinois


  • On page 2: Bullet K link to Candor added

  • On page 2: Bullet L link to ISBE added

  • On page 3: Bullet K and  In accordance with Illinois Statute paragraph...added

Pacific Justice Institure Opt Out.png

Illinois Student Opt-out Notice-Pacific Justice Institute 

Parents, across the country, are organizing in opposition to the graphic sexualized sex-education curriculum being taught to their children in the K-12 grades at public schools. Pacific Justice Institute, as a non-profit legal defense organization, supports parental rights to opt their children out of this biased curriculum.  

Parents rights in Education.png

Parents Rights in Education Opt-out Forms. Another list of downloadable opt-out forms.


Train up a child in the way he should go; even when he is old he will not depart from it. Proverbs 22:6

Rev. Ceasar LeFlore makes a Biblical and practical case for parents and religious leaders to remove their children from the anti-biblical, new world indoctrination of government schools, and into an atmosphere of Christian discipleship and more effective learning available to them through home and Christian schools. 

For parents seeking an alternative to public government school education that is filled with indoctrinating curriculum that is contrary to conservative family values and is failing our children academically rather than providing a rigorous and edifying education.

Local resource listings are for informational purposes only and do not imply endorsement by We the People of McHenry County or endorsement by the School or Co-op of We the People of McHenry County.

More homeschool Co-ops in Illinois. 


Alternative Schools

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