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The ‘Right to Parent’ Ballot Initiative


(Deadline: March 31, 2024) 

It's REAL. Parental Rights are Continuing to be Taken Away in Illinois...


"New law mandates yrly mental health screenings of public school students grade 7-12."   Beverly A. Pekala  @PekalaLaw 


Minors age 12-17 have the right to access and authorize release of their own mental health records. Parents have rights to minor's records only if minor does not object or if therapist feels compelling reasons to override the minor. 740ILCS110/5

Our Response

We the People of McHenry joins the Parents Matter Coalition (PMC). It was started by a group of concerned Illinois residents who believe that minor children need the guidance of their parents. Together, they’ve introduced an initiative that will put parents’ rights on the ballot in 2024.

We Need You to...Get Involved

  1. Go to the Parents Matter Coalition (PMC) site to make sure that you follow the directions correctly.

  2. Download the Petition (directions should be on the back of the petition).

  3. Ask friends and neighbors to sign the Petition.

  4. Ask friends and neighbors to download the Petition and ask their friends and Neighbors.

PMC Press Release

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