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Updated 8/25/22

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updated 8/25/22

Uprising Bakery & Cafe

Read about the settlement letter FOIA-ed between the Village of Lake in the Hills, the ACLU of Illinois and UpRising Bakery & Café that was signed on August 4, and permitted the drag shows to continue. These types of events continue including our children.

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Good News!
Masking Mandates Dismissed

posted 8/12/22, 

"Today Judge Grishow allowed 110 school districts which filed sworn affidavits that no mask or exclusion policies were in place, and with no intention of implementing them, to be dismissed from the case. Those districts which failed to file such an affidavit remain in the case. The Governor and his agencies were also dismissed after the Attorney Generals Office admitted to the judge the states guidance has always been nothing but recommendations. I will continue to pursue claims against the school districts which will not proclaim under oath to discontinue harmful mask and exclusion policies. Should any of the school districts being dismissed reinstate their policies, I will immediately drag the district back to Court. Judge Grischow's ruling is based upon these commitments made by the school districts and the state parties under oath. Today is a good day for the 110 school districts listed below. We will continue the case with the remaining 34 school districts. We do not have a ruling yet related to the teacher's case."

-Attorney Thomas DeVore to the Parent Case #1 Plaintiffs 8/12/22

Some of Our and Nearby Schools Included
  • Board of Education of Woodstock Community Unit School District #200

  • Board of Education of Cary School District #26

  • Board of Education of Crystal Lake School District #47

  • Board of Education of Township High School District #155

  • Board of Education of Community Unit School District #300

  • District #181, Board of Education of Huntley Community Unit School District #158

Original Complaint document with other schools listed.

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Illinois Public Schools Opt Out Of Left-Wing Sex Ed Standards
posted 8/11/22, Free Beacon 

Less than 4 percent of Illinois public schools agreed to teach the National Sex Education Standards promoted by Democrats across the United States.

More than 500 of Illinois school districts opted out of the standards, with only 20 districts adopting them, The Center Square reported. The Illinois standards teach elementary students, including kindergartners, about consent, gender identity, hormone blockers, and healthy relationships. Middle schoolers learn about dating violence prevention, different types of sex, and sexual harassment.

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