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If Not You, Who? If Not Now, When?

Updated: Aug 16, 2022

I was the McHenry County Republican representative on Thursday July 7th 2022 at the McHenry County Clerks office and observed the machine recount on 14 of the 90 polling tabulators. They did once again confirm the counts from the June 28th election day. Myself and representative Ruth Scifo from the Democratic party did a physical recount of the 711 ballots collected from the McHenry Evangelical Church location's Sheriffs race. The findings were as follows:

Colatorti 194 votes, Tadelman 313 votes which concurred with the McHenry Evangelicals Churches tabulator machine counts.

My takeaways from my 1st experience doing this:

  • The County Clerks office was very organized and almost felt staged to show that there is nothing to see here as the counts all seemed to match up.

  • However, Joe Tirio stated that the 14 out of the 90 polling locations were chosen by the Illinois State Board of Elections???

  • What about the other 76 polling locations?

  • Also stated by Joe's staff is that the thumb drives that are used in the tabulators are industrial grade and only available from the machine vender (E,S & S)

  • I am not saying that the County Clerks office is doing anything that is potentially nefarious. They in fact seemed to be doing an honest job on their side.

The bigger questions arise on what we are not seeing outside of the County Clerks office:

  1. Why have Americans become complacent and ignore the importance of voting in all elections?

  2. Why are Voter ID’s NOT Mandatory?

  3. Why does it take 2 to 3 election cycles to remove a registered voter from the voter roles after they have moved?

  4. How can we streamline the process to cleanup the outdated voter rolls?

  5. Why are we still using mail in ballots (post covid)?

  6. Why is the current voting process almost 2 months long between early voting and postmarked mail in voting?

  7. Was Covid used to manipulate the 2020 election process?

  8. Why does Illinois have the "Illinois State Board of Elections" and why is this not being handled through the Secretary of States office like most states?

  9. How many Voter Mules have we had in the past several election cycles including the 2022 primary?

  10. Is Illinois going to outlaw Ballot drop boxes like Wisconsin?

  11. Why does ES&S have exclusive access to the algorithms used to compute the votes?

  12. How can we eliminate the current electronic voting system which takes the process out of the eyes of the American Public and into a private system where behind closed doors accountability is lost and trust is negated?

  13. What about the physical ballots from 2020 that are scheduled to be destroyed in August. How can we approach the courts and demand an extension?

Should We The People choose to go to a 1 day election process using paper ballots, manual counting and results reported on the evening of election day, it will take an army of thousands of people to become involved.

Is McHenry County Worth It?

Is Illinois Worth It?

Is America Worth It?

Yes! Yes! And Yes!

The Bigger question is “If Not You Who? If Not Now When?

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1 Comment

Great commentary, Bruce. A suggestion for a future Monday night meeting - why not invite McHenry County Clerk Joe Tirio to come and discuss the whole issue of voting machines/paper ballots, ballot security, etc. Might be quite helpful in building public confidence in election integrity. It might give us some thoughts for securing future elections.

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