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2023 WTP School Board Voter's Guide


We the People… say in a democracy decisions are made by a majority of the people. Unfortunately, this is not true. Decisions are made by a majority of the people who make their voices heard and who vote, a distinguishable difference.

Why Vote – Last Consolidated Election less than 10% of McHenry County Voters Participated

Your Vote CAN and DOES make a difference.

*In 2021, in McHenry County less than 10% of the registered voters helped get you on the School Boards giving you authority to make decisions as to what children learn and where resources are spent.

Vote to help your children and grandchildren.

Vote for responsible management of your property tax dollars.


Vote ONLY for Candidates with Traditional Values

  • Quality in Education-addressing the poor performance level scores to ensure that All students can reach their full potential. **In 2022, in Cary School District 26, 63% of students did not read or write at grade level; in Crystal Lake School District 47, 69% of students did not read or write at grade level; in Crystal Lake High School District 155, 60% of students did not read or write at grade level; and in School District 300, 73% of students did not read or write at grade level. Achieve high quality results where more than 80% of the students are performing at grade level before considering any K-12 initiatives.

  • Parental Rights-ensuring that parents are an integral part of their children’s education.

  • Transparency in Curriculum-addressing the cry from parents to know what their children are being taught.

  • Fiscal Responsibility-spend dollars on improving student performance scores and provide transparency about where your property tax dollars are spent.

HOW to Vote – Bullet Voting A Better Shot at the Election

Not only is it important to know who to vote for but also how to vote. When a voter can cast multiple votes—to fill multiple seats on a school board, for example, then voting tactics such as bullet voting can make a difference.

What's Bullet Voting?

Bullet voting is a strategic voting method that you can use to provide a strong boost to your chosen candidate as in the upcoming Consolidated Election coming up on April 4, 2023.

Bullet voting—also known as Single-shot voting—is a tactic used when you can vote for multiple candidates and have a preferred candidate. You vote only for the one candidate that you most want to see among the winners. In the upcoming April election, for example, there are 8 candidates running for 4 open seats and voters can vote for 4 candidates.

A voter using the bullet voting tactic would cast a vote for only one candidate, not four. Ultimately, the election will produce four winners. However, by using the bullet vote tactic you increase the total vote count of the candidate that you most want included among the four winners—without increasing the vote count of any of the other seven candidates. By not casting those other three votes, you strategically avoid inadvertently helping any other candidate gain more votes than the candidate that you truly prefer and whose win you want to secure more than any other. Remember that you DO NOT have to vote for the total number allowed (4 for D300 and 3 for D155, D26, D46, and D47). Vote ONLY for your preferred candidate(s). Just because you can vote for three or four candidates doesn’t mean you should.

Where to Vote

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