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‘The Mind Polluters’ Exposes Schools Sexualizing Kids

Documentary is a wake-up call to parents and pastors that schools are indoctrinating kids into “a worldview at odds with the Christian faith.”

Erin Anderson | January 11, 2022

A new documentary is giving Texas parents a shocking look at what’s being taught in their kids’ schools: sexually explicit materials “so heinous that they are illegal everywhere else except in the classroom.”

The Mind Polluters,” premiering this week in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, exposes deliberate efforts by schools to normalize sexual behavior of every kind, using materials and methods the filmmakers say are intentionally “grooming” children to engage in risky sex and setting kids up for abuse.

“They want to sexualize kids,” said Monica Cline, one of the Texas-based activists featured in the documentary.

The film documents the origins and damaging effects of graphic Comprehensive Sex Education (CSE) and brain-rewiring Social Emotional Learning (SEL) being pushed through the education system on children as young as pre-school age in Texas and across the country.

Kids are exposed to much of this material without parental knowledge or consent.

Filmmakers Mark and Amber Archer, who attended a screening Monday night at St. Paul Lutheran Church in Plano, told the audience they spent 14 months making “The Mind Polluters” so people could know what’s happening in their schools to their kids and grandkids.

“No one wants to believe that our children are being groomed,” Mark says in the movie’s opening. “If we acknowledge it, we’ll have to do something about it.”

Comprehensive Sex Education

“Kids used to be taught about biology, birth control. Now, anything goes,” says Audrey Werner, a nurse and former sex educator-turned-activist featured in the documentary.

Werner also attended Monday’s premiere. She told the audience when she first started fighting against the push to sexualize kids, “I was just a mom. Who was going to listen to me?”

Since then, in addition to making the film, she’s written a book and traveled the world—from Africa to the Texas Legislature—working to raise awareness and protect kids from the harmful effects of modern sex education rooted in Alfred Kinsey’s “fraud science.” She also started the Matthew XVIII Group as a ministry to educate Christian pastors and parents.