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School has Started. Are Your Children Safe?

School has Started.

Are Your Children Safe?

Health Education or New COMPREHENSIVE Sex Education

There are many angry parents in Loudon County, VA. Maybe you have seen recent news about Loudoun County, Virginia schools and wondered, "is that happening in my school?" Learn more about what's happening in Loudoun County in the videos at, Loudoun County Public Schools hit with lawsuit for 'moral corruption of children,' parental 'violations'

It's Happening in Illinois!

On August 20, 2021, Governor J.B. Pritzker signed into law a comprehensive sex-ed bill, IL PA 102-0522, the first of its kind in the nation, that sexualizes your child and strips them of their innocence beginning in kindergarten. Read an easy to read commentary about what the adoption of the National Sex Education Standards in Illinois means.

My School District Opted out so are we good?

Maybe, maybe not. We've been told that 500+ Illinois school districts have publicly stated that they’ve opted out. However, be aware that your school may be aligning and using portions of a third-party curriculum such as Candor Health Education Curriculum. It is important that you understand to what extent and how a district may notify you if any of this

changes with time. As with any of this, opting your child out is completely within your right.

What Can You Do?

  • Ask your school for the specific curriculum taught to your child regarding Health Education and Sex Education.

America First Legal Foundation


Parents have the right to inspect “any instructional material” used as part of the education curriculum for the student. The parent who wants to exercise this right must request the material; the school does not have to provide access to the material without being asked first. Parents should demand that schools disclose teacher training materials designed to affect or direct student instruction as “instructional material.”

  • After reviewing the curriculum determine whether to opt-out which is your right! Opt-out instructions and forms.

  • Learn what the Health Education (before New comprehensive sex education) and the New Comprehensive Sex Education programs “typically” include in the chart below.

In the chart below, view what your child will learn if your district either adopts the Comprehensive Sex Education Curriculum or if they are teaching Health/Sex Education.

The specific details of a sample Health/Sex Education curriculum is taken from McHenry County School District 47.

Check YOUR district's website and with your children's teacher for the specific curriculum details. It is your right as a parent to see exactly what your child is being taught, and what teachers are being trained to teach.

Comparison of Health Education and COMPREHENSIVE Sex Education

Health Education

Comprehensive Sex Education

Is this Appropriate teaching for age level?


At this age, who should teach your child about genders and the names of the body parts?

Making Healthy Choices & their Effects: Dental, Nutrition, Germs, Body Systems (Lungs/Respiratory, Heart), Human Ecology/Recycling Safety Education

1. Identify different kinds of families (e.g., nuclear, single parent, blended, intergenerational, cohabitating, adoptive, foster, same-gender, interracial. 2. Define gender, gender identity, and gender-role stereotypes. 3. List medically accurate names for body parts, including the genitals.

Is this Appropriate teaching for age level?


​Does your 3rd, 4th, 5th grader need to know about hormone blockers or define the endless list of genders?

Making Healthy Choices & their Effects: Dental, Nutrition, Germs, Body Systems (Skeletal System, Digestion, Endocrine System, Central Nervous System (brain)), Human Ecology/Recycling, Public Environment Health 5th Grade-Human Growth and Development (Sex Ed) Personal Health Habits

1. Explain common human sexual development and the role of hormones (e.g., romantic, and sexual feelings, masturbation, mood swings, timing of pubertal onset).

2. Describe the role hormones play in the physical, social, cognitive, and emotional changes during adolescence and the potential role hormone lockers on young people who identify as transgender.

3. Define and explain differences between cisgender, transgender, gender nonbinary, gender expansive, and gender identity. Explain that gender expression and gender identity exist along a spectrum.

Is this Appropriate teaching for age level?


Does your 6th, 7th, 8th grader need to know about oral and anal sex or define range of identities related sexual orientation?

1. Basic principles of health promotion, illness prevention, and safety including how to access valid information, products, and services. 2. Factors that influence health among individuals, groups, and communities. 3. Advocate for the health of individuals, families, and communities. 4. Structure and functions of the human body systems and how they interrelate. 5. Effects of health-related actions on the body systems. 6. Factors that affect growth and development.

Participate in Erin’s Law programming (sex abuse prevention)

1. Define vaginal, oral, and anal sex. 2. Define and explain sexual identity and explain a range of identities related to sexual orientation (e.g., heterosexual, bisexual, lesbian, gay, queer, two spirit, asexual, pansexual)

List at least four methods of contraception that are available without a prescription.


Will the multitude of genders and identities be normalized by this point?
Will my child be transgenderized?

Curriculum content is intended to provide the principles and guidelines of mental health, human growth and development, drug use and abuse, human sexuality, personal health habits and dental hygiene, nutrition, diet and exercise, consumer health and health careers, prevention and control of diseases, human ecology and environmental health, first aid and disaster survival. This course is required for graduation.

1. Differentiate between sex assigned at birth, gender identity, and gender expression. 2. Identify factors that impact the risk of unintended pregnancy and potential transmission of STD’s, including vaginal, oral, and anal sex.

Define reproductive justice and explain its history and how it relates to sexual health. Not required for graduation.

It Is YOUR Child - Stay Vigilant! Review All Curricula -

Know What Your Child Is

Being Taught!

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